What do we do?

Every Tuesday, volunteers from the community and the Fort Worth Police Department walk to the shelter to gather the teens who have joined the program and take them to a boardroom at the local police station. A hot meal is provided and participants work to create art projects and crafts that express their thoughts, hopes and dreams.

This artwork is sold by the teens at various art festivals throughout Tarrant County, and 70% of the proceeds go to each artist to purchase items they need. An additional 5% is given to the teen who sold the piece, as a sales commission. The remainder of the funds are put back into the program to help with expenses.

Each week, the teens are mentored in skills such as organization, communication, marketing, and salesmanship. Though the overall mission of the organization is to bring out the artist inside of each teen, we are also creating something bigger together - the ideas that displacement is not permanent and they have the skills they need to break the cycle.


Our Mission

The mission of Cowtown Project Success is to mentor unsheltered youth so they can break the cycle of displacement by providing a creative outlet through art.

TCU football, painting, and Officer Mike.
— A Project Success teen on his favorite things in Fort Worth