Who We Serve

The short answer is the kids.

The longer answer is that we are serving teens ages 12-18 living in the Presbyterian Night Shelter's Morris Foundation Women's and Children's Center. We generally have between 10 and 15 active kids with us at any given time.

Most of our teens are with us about 90 days, some are with us for a shorter time, some longer. It's a bittersweet day when we hear the words, "we're getting a home!" We love that families are moving forward and out of the shelter, but it also means we won't be seeing that kid's smiling face each Tuesday.

We save a few spots for the kids whose family have moved on from the shelter. We are currently working on solutions to make getting to our Lancaster Ave location each Tuesday more accessible for families without their own transportation. Our hope is that someday soon we will be able to serve the kids long-term and help make an even bigger impact in their lives.